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The BBMT Edge

Redefine your brokering capabilities with a platform that provides you with the tools to become a phenomenal brokerage. 

This is a fully integrated business broker website featuring all the tools you need to be a super broker. In contrast to our competitors, our platform is not just some webpages thrown together to look good, it is a complete business broker solution to managing your entire business brokerage firm. In addition, we create web pages that stand out amongst the generic & boring brokerage websites that are used amongst the masses. If you're a single broker or have many agents, this internet engine is like driving a Ferrari: you will perform better and you will do more deals!

In addition to the incredible services our platform offers, as a member of the BBMT community you will gain advertising capabilities on brokerage sites SellingRestaurants & SellingStores. Take advantage of active member bases of over 70,000 buyers & 10,000 unique monthly visits to gain yet another crucial advantage in generating results for your listings. All of this at no additional charge to you!

BBMT vs The Competition

Website Features BBMT Our Competitors
Broker-Oriented CRM System
Listing Management
Key Performance Metrics
HTML E-mail Builder
Content Management Tools
Key Performance Metrics
Integrated LEAD Generator
Fully Functional Mobile Site
Buyer Tracking
On-line digital CA signing
Sharing of Ideas between broker network
Automatic E-mail Notifications for buyer views, listings expirations, & more!
Efficient Document & Form Management
Easily Accessible & Downloadable Member Databases
Customized, Unique, & Aesthetically Pleasing Site


Broker & Agent Management

Our technologies give the broker total control of all activity on the website. All changes are approved by the broker prior to official release on the public. Brokers may also track and monitor agent performance through our in-depth panels.

Brokers & Agents alike get access to every tool necessary to become a well-oiled brokering machine focused on doing deals. Agents have a full view of buyer activity, which includes listings a buyer has viewed, how many times they’ve viewed it, if the buyer signed the NDA, and much more. Our platform even incorporates automatic agent notifications for buyer activities to ensure leads are quickly acted on as well as gents receive e-mail each time a buyer signs an NDA. 

Member Relationship Management System

Our platform is more than just a website. We’ve designed our engine to attract more buyers and sellers than any other concept available on the market, putting you in the driver’s seat in the fast-growing e-marketing industry. Our tools entice buyers and sellers to become members on your site and provides you with the analytics necessary to make the most out of your e-mail marketing campaigns. 

Website Members Get:

Our technology tracks every move a member makes. When a member views a listing five times**, an e-mail is generated and sent to the listing agent notifying them to immediately contact this member. The e-mail contains links to the members personal profile and the listing they’re interested in making the process as seamless as possible for you and your agents.

Agents can assign their own private and personal list of hot members from the member database. The agent’s hot members and agent notes are confidential to that agent if elected. No other agent sees another agent’s notes or hot members list if elected by the broker. Agents can instantly deactivate false or bad member accounts with the click of a button ensuring a clean and productive member database.

E-mail communications are made as simple as possible with easily downloadable member databases. These databases can be specified into given regions, type of businesses they’re looking for, and many more specifications.

Member accounts are confirmed by the member via a system generated e-mail confirmation that the member receives and verifies. When a member registers, the Broker receives an e-mail notification containing the member’s information. These steps are put into place to help maintain member data integrity while not burdening the Broker!

NOTE: **Once a buyer agrees to the digital NDA, the broker can automatically have the name and address provided if desired. 

Lead Generation

Our platform attracts customers to register on your site using:

Our CRM system makes sure you will never miss an opportunity with a lead again. With our e-mail alert system, we make it impossible for you to drop the ball on a lead or miss an important meeting. Our document control system makes sure you always have the marketing info at your finger-tips ready to e-mail.

Our promise to you? Once you try this system you will ask yourself, “Where has this been my whole career?”.


NDA Management System

Nothing wastes a broker’s time more than dealing with the incredible amount of paperwork involving confidential agreements for each listing. Receiving, filing, inventorying, and keeping track of confidential agreements signed by buyers takes up way too much of a broker’s time! What if we told you there was a system in place that did all of that for you while you spend more time selling? Our patented process takes all this confidential agreement tracking work away from the broker. The system requires a buyer to digitally sign a confidential agreement for each listing, meaning you’ll know exactly who signed for what listings and the date which it was signed.  This process has been lawyer reviewed!

After the confidential agreements are signed, our system tracks how many times a buyer comes back to view the listing. Our system notifies the agent, via e-mail, when a buyer views a listing a certain predetermined number of times, giving the agent the edge. 

The Broker’s Confidential Agreement forms are customized to each broker and input at the state level or agent specific level. 

This is a powerful tool that no one else does!

Integrated eMarketing Tools

We’ve taken e-mail marketing and broken it down to a science. Take advantage of the tools that will take you and your brokerage to the cutting edge of e-mail marketing technology. With our incredibly easy-to-use e-mail generator you will find e-mail marketing has never been so easy and convenient before. Our platform automatically converts generated emails to HTML file that can easily be used for ConstantContact or any other e-mail marketing service. Plus, if you want something customized specific to your brand, we can do that too!


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