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"The Most Powerful CRM and SEO Web Technology
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Learn How an Advanced CRM Website

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Our Robust Set of Tools Are Unsurpassed in the Industry:
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Instant Mobile Website
  • SEOSmart Architecture
  • Automatic Client Communications System
  • BuyerSmart Design
  • Contract and Forms Management
  • Instantly Send Documents to Clients
  • Agent Facebook Like Professional Profile
  • Control Your Marketing and Advertising Messaging
  • Immediate and Professional e-mail Flyers
  • On-line NDA's/Confidential Agreements
  • Agent Education Center
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    The BBMT Platform, developed in 2005 by a team of commercial and business brokers and IT guru's, setout to create far more than just a website that had no intelligence in the background; rather they wanted a complete broker management system for commercial and business brokers who understood the need to become less reliant on Co-Star,, to control their marketing messaging. This resulted in one of the most sophisticated web platforms available to brokers, yet it is easy to operate. Our platform will make your brokerage firm a "broker to consumer" powerhouse, making you money, not costing you money!
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    Our platform is so versatile and flexible that in 24 Hours or less you can have your website up and running and ready to start working for you. Of course, if you want a custom website, it takes slightly more time depending on the complexity of your needs. All you need is a good URL to get started.

    Call today and you'll be up and running tomorrow! No doubt you'll be impressed as will you clients. So let's get started and get your website working for you today to start finding buyers as well as sellers.
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