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Larry Braden, the President of Washington Brokers says:

"We've explored several internet technologies before selecting the BBMTI internet engine to operate our business. I think it's powerful! Washington Brokers has captured as much internet traffic as Commercial Brokers Association who has thousands of more listings! Not only does the website have all the necessary business tools such as customer relationship management, document management, agent management, and so on, it is finely tuned to get you up on the Google rankings and have tenants and commercial buyers join your community. This tool is the future of the commercial brokerage industry and I'm glad I made the decision to go with it."

Harpreet SIngh of says:

"I searched for a complete solution to my business brokerage website needs and couldn't find anything out there to satisfy my needs until I found WWW.BBMTI.COM a few years ago. I recall BBMT about their system and I was blown away with what they are doing with technology that is revolutionizing the brokerage business.  I especially like that I get 50% of my website traffic from Google searchs thanks to BBMT's unique SEO architecture where I can personally design the SEO tags to each listing and each area. Bam!  I get page one results on most of my listings. But this is only the tip of a very deep iceberg that BBMT has built. There is nothing coming close to the sophistication of BBMT. I would recommend that all business and commerical brokers use this platform to run their business."

Chuck Machado of says:

"This website technology is lightyears ahead of anyone out there. All the bells and whistles this website generates makes sure you don't miss a beat with any buyer.  It watches each buyer's move. It know who the buyer is by name, e-mail address and phone contact. It alerts me via e-mail when a buyer views my listing 3, 7 and 10 times. It auto alerts my clients when I want them to know that Im working with a buyer. It gives my clients weekly reports letting them know I'm working on their project. There are some many things this system does, that one could write a book on it. I STRONGLY suggest you seriously look at using this for your commerical and business brokerage."

Donald Clark of Sunbeam Business Brokers says:

"I'm a bit old fashion and not much of a technology guy but this system has me hooked because it's so each to use even for me. I like a lot about it especially the way this system captures buyers in a unique way.  I've been getting about 75 new buyers for every listing I release on it, which really helps my marketing communications to my buyers.  I'm no longer a slave to BizBuySell or any other website's messaging to buyers. Get this puppy, you won't be disappointed."

Micheal Kinney of says:

"I've been thinking about using this platform for a couple years and I finally made the jump and investment and boy I should have jump right away!  I'm not a techy guy, I didn't growup with computers and I'm 60 years old, but this platform is so easy to use and operate even I can use it! My listings get page 1 on Google searches.  And too boot withing the first week I got a Seller lead and a listing from the system.  I would strongly encourage any broker - commercial or business - to jump on this platform to run your makes you money, it doesn't cost you money!"

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